Do You Know The Health Benefits of Eating Betel Leaf on a Daily Basis?


Do You know that this ancient Indian herb can prevent Cancer & many more harmful diseases without any Side-effect!

Anti-Diabatic Property

Various antidiabetic medicines side effects on the liver and Kidneys in the long run.  research has revealed that dried betel leaf powder as the ability to reduce blood glucose level in individuals with newly diagnosed type 2 Diabetes mellitus and herbal remedy comes without any side effects.

Anti-Cholesterol Property

high cholesterol level is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke studies have found that better leave helps in lowering high levels of total cholesterol triglycerides, low density lipoprotein cholesterol and very low density lipoprotein cholesterol furthermore it also helps to increase eye density lipoprotein cholesterol level

Anti-Cancer Property

Consuming Betel Leaf with Tobacco and betel nuts increases the risk of oral cancer. Studies have revealed chemopreventive potential of betel leaf against various types of cancer. betel leaves contain an array of phytochemicals that possesses cancer fighting benefits.

Researchers also found that it also helps to Overcome Depression, Improves Oral Health & Lots More. Find Details Here

What We Do...

Our Journey is to Represent this Ancient Herb of India to the whole World
We are renowned for our products which include Sada Paan, Betel Leaf Paan,Mouth Freshener Paan.Our range is known in the market for their rich aroma, safe packing, and palatable taste. Surplus betel leaves are purchased from the farmers and brought to the factory on daily basis. A large amount of leaves may also be purchased at one time sufficient for the whole month/year for taking advantage of the low price during the glut season. At the procuring stage the off type, defective and diseased leave should be sorted out and washed thoroughly by the farmers themselves before selling the leaves to the factory. 


Our Infrastructure
We have a sound infrastructural base is fitted with ultra-modern machines and tools that help us in the carrying out various activities with perfection. Our infrastructural base is segmented into varied sections such as cleaning, production, warehousing, quality testing, and packaging. We bring the sourced materials from reliable vendors to our premises and clean, process and pack them suitably to keep their flavor and aroma intact. Employing high-end machines, we have been cleaning, sorting, grading, drying and various other works smoothly as well as promptly. We change the production machines at regular intervals to enhance the quality of the products along with production capacity. 

Quality Assurance
Quality is important in every aspect such as for attainment of customer utmost satisfaction and getting the reputed position in the market. At the procuring stage the off type, defective and diseased leave are sorted out and washed thoroughly by the farmers themselves before selling the leaves to the factory. Our wide collection of products passes through stringent quality testing procedures under the superlative guidance of quality inspectors. There are various parameters on which the product is quality tested, some of which are listed below:
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Flavors and edible qualities
  • Ingredients percentage
  • Safety and hygiene

The secret of our achievement lies in our infrastructural set-up and dedicated team members. With all the latest facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, our company is conveniently handling bulk production along with consistent quality management.

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Are you already a Diabatic or Cancer Patient & don't know this betel leaf can help you or not?

Are you confused about how much quantity you should take on a daily basis?

You are already consuming lots of medicine on a daily basis, don't know betel leaf will be well fitted for you or not?

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